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Liam Payne

Owner Liam, is a driven & passionate barber, who strives to always deliver great customer service to all that step through his door. He is the consummate professional and perfectionist which means you will leave happy everytime!

Customers become friends, your satisfaction becomes his number one goal!

Since I met Liam his sole purpose has been to deliver the best quality haircuts and service to his customers. He seeks to continuously improve, ensuring once you are in his chair you're his priority. You can guarantee relaxed professional service with a side of banter!

Liam thinks he's Lionel Messi and Vidal Sassoon rolled into one! One thing for sure is you will leave with a decent trim, as for his banter, shocking!

Jack Robinson Pullen 

MBA head educator


Liam has scored a goal in every season for FC United of Yate 

Asa Cox

Barber Asa is a Menspire graduate which included months of intense training. Asa was taught by the leading educators within the barbering industry. 

Asa desires to give the customer a quality and professional service. He’s already taught Liam a thing or two!

Asa’s calm mannerisms and sarcastic banter already add to the shop’s atmosphere - mostly at Liam’s expense! His passion and enthusiasm for hair makes him a major asset to any Barber shop!

He is currently offering discounts for his first three months, so give him a try. He won’t disappoint!

Barberpayne, Bristol

83 broad street

Chipping sodbury




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